Selmer's Sanctions map

Sanctions have become a favoured security and foreign policy tool of international bodies and national governments, aiming to bring about a change in the policies or conduct of those targeted. Sanctions are generally progressively imposed and prone to change at short notice. The regulations are highly complex and dynamic, and the potential consequences of violations may be severe. In our Sanctions Map we have sought to outline the current EU and Norwegian sanctions against countries in a visual and user-friendly way so that you can get an overview quickly and easily.

Last updated: June 25th 2020

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The Sanctions Map is provided by our highly specialized trade compliance team. Our dedicated sanctions and export controls experts have extensive experience in assisting clients in navigating successfully in this dynamic and complex regulatory area. We offer our clients an international perspective on sanctions' legal impact and practical consequences on their operations around the world. If you need specific sanctions advice, or have questions in relation to sanctions that might apply to doing business in a specific country, then please contact us.